What is Organic CTR and Why is CTR important to your website ranking on Google?

Overview Of Organic CTR And How It Helps Rank Your Website

Did you know that you can improve your website’s ranking on the search engines by simply improving your CTR? For those that do not know, this represents your click through rate, the number of people that find your listing on the search engines and click through to your website. There are many people that focus on PPC marketing, believing that this is the only way that they can get consistent traffic. However, this is extremely expensive, and you are better off having multiple pages ranking high in the search listings. To improve your position on the search engines, your CTR is very important. Let’s look at what your CTR is, and how it plays a role in helping your pages rank higher on the search engines.

Understanding What CTR Is?

Your click through rate is represented by the number of times your website listing is seen, and the number of people that choose to click on your link. For example, if you have your website link displayed 100 times, and only 25 people click through, this means you have a 25% CTR. This would actually be very good as many people are happy with a 2% or 3% CTR in most cases. You can improve the number of people that click through to your website by making a few modifications on all of your pages and listings.

How To Motivate People To Click On Your Search Engine Listing

There are several reasons why people will choose to click on your link. First of all, most of the people will click on the listing that is at the very top. They assume that this is the most relevant link for whatever it is they are looking for. The other way that you can motivate people is to make sure that they have a reason to click. For example, if you are selling a certain product, you can offer a promo code or discount coupon for those that visit your website. This needs to be stated in the listing that is shown on Google or other search engines. When people read this, they will be motivated to click through, but you must make sure that you are actually giving them something that you are promising. If you have multiple complaints because you are just creating click bait, you could see your rankings start to diminish. Conversely, if you are promising something and delivering, and what you are giving is very valuable, your CTR is going to spike very high. When this occurs, this indicates to the algorithms that what you are providing on that webpage is something that more people need to see. As a result of that, at the next algorithm update, you will see that your listing will be higher simply because your CTR has gone significantly.

Now that you know what CTR represents, and how you can use this to improve your search engine listings, you should start implementing this strategy. Regardless of what you sell, make sure that people have a reason to click through to your website, and you will watch your organic listings on the search engines begin to rise.

Article written by Chloe Harkin, Brand That Name UK

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